Are you ready for 


A 30 day challenge that will help you be more present and consciously increase and attract happiness into your life. 




You will need a Whatsapp number to embark upon THE challenge. 

*THE (The Happiness Effect)


Every day you will be given a different task.


Every day you will have to feed back on how the task went. Not only the result but also the thoughts & experiences during it. 


If you fail to feed back on your daily task 3 times - then you will have to leave the challenge. (Accountability!)


As well as the daily task you will receive regular 'happiness' inspiration. 


There will be 2 Whatsapp groups running:

THE challenge - receive info

THE community - share info


Some tasks will be easy & you may already incorporate them in your life...some will push you outside your comfort zone. 


Be open. Be brave. Be curious. Be honest. Be accepting. Be kind. Be non-judgemental.

Be vulnerable. 

Daily Tasks



Weekly tasks



About Us

Natalia Cohen & Julie McGann

Will be your facilitators on this journey. Both embody positivity and live in the most present & conscious way that they can. 

With 15 years experience of living and working in over 60 countries, Natalia Cohen has a broad range of experience within the travel industry. She is no stranger to being outside of her comfort zone and has made an art of embracing and adapting to change. Her understanding of team dynamics, the importance of a positive mindset and the ability to live in the moment led her to become part of the first all-female team to row unsupported across the Pacific Ocean. 


Natalia and the crew completed this challenge in January 2016 setting two world records and gaining an international following. This was a journey of just under 9,000 miles from San Francisco, USA to Cairns, Australia in a 29ft ocean rowing boat. The expedition was not only a challenge of extreme conditions and perseverance but also a journey within to better understand the strength of human spirit, the importance of being aligned with your values, a positive mindset, the diversity within a team and enjoying the journey.

Julie McGann is a  Mindfulness Teacher, Executive Coach and  ex-Senior HR Professional.  


A few years ago she experienced a profound personal transformation through Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga Practices. This personal transformation has given her a freedom of choice and she chose to leave her safe and successful corporate HR career to  embark on the adventure of uncertainty with a mission to share the powerful transformative tools with business leaders. These tools haven’t been taught in schools or university. They are focused on self-mastery, self-discovery, self-fulfilment and authenticity. 

Julie’s approach has been described as very passionate, caring, humorous and engaging. Julie creates a very safe environment for the participants but she also likes to challenge them. She gently invites and allows the process of transformation and personal growth.


Limited to 20 places monthly. 

This ensures the development of a powerful and connected community. 

£147 investment fee.

Money back guarantee if not satisfied with some shift in perspective!