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The Pacific Row

World's First for Women - Pacific Row - Coxless Crew
First Team of women and first fours boat to row, unsupported across the Pacific Ocean.

The Coxless Crew are a team of six women, who in January 2016, set 2 world records becoming the first all-female team and the first ever fours boat to row unsupported across the Pacific Ocean. This was a journey of nearly 9,000 miles from San Francisco, USA to Cairns, Australia in a 29ft ocean rowing boat. The expedition was planned to take 6 months, but due to unforeseen circumstances took a staggering 9 months. 

As a group of women with diverse personality types and varied backgrounds, it was their shared values and desire to create awareness of women who face extreme adversity that drew them together.

They were raising funds and awareness for their two charities Breast Cancer Care and women injured at war with Walking With The Wounded.

Over the last 6 years I have been involved (in varying ways) in this extraordinary journey that began simply by being open to opportunities and ended with a totally new career. It was the most incredible and insightful journey I have experienced and since returning to land I decided to share the story and insights through inspirational speaking, workshops, panel discussions and one to one coaching sessions. 

A brief timeline of important events is below:

Apr 2014:     - First saw an advert for the Row 

Jun 2014:     - Training began (mental, physical & practical training)

Apr 2015:     - The Row began from San Francisco, USA

Jan 2016:     - Completed the Row in Cairns, Australia 

Jun 2016:     - Began a new career as Public Speaker

Nov 2016:     - TEDx talk 

May 2017:     - Losing Sight of Shore (documentary made about our expedition) released on Netflix (available in 190 countries)

May 2020:     - 3 year term on Netflix comes to an end (documentary still available on Amazon and iTunes.)

Jan 2020:      - Over 170 talks given, in 17 countries to over 23,000 people. 

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