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Navigating Your Team’s Course for Success

An interactive, inspiring and action-oriented workshop for teams


In order to cross an ocean, you must have the courage to lose sight of shore


Your team’s journey to achieving success begins with establishing clear goals, charting a shared course to achieve those goals and aligning your resources to maximise individual and team performance.  Sounds easy, but it is not.

The three-hour interactive workshop will inspire your team to take action, work more collaboratively and learn tactics for overcoming obstacles more effectively. By combining the facilitators’ experiences along with activities, participants will be fully engaged throughout the workshop.








Based on the journey told through the documentary film, Losing Sight of Shore the three-hour workshop is an all round interactive, inspiring and actionable session for encouraging high performing teams. 


Workshop Themes

  • Creating a shared vision for success

  • The power of positive thinking

  • Team alignment and decision making

  • Preparing for uncertainties and challenges

  • Savouring the personal and professional journey



Well constructed, thoughtful messages that resonated. Can't thank you both enough for the wonderful time together, so insightful and impactful!

Michael Brenning


AmeriSave Wholesale Mortgage

It was wonderful the ability that both Brian and Natalia had to bring together and make this event feel inclusive even though we were all apart on Zoom. Thank you!!

Prielle Kane

Workshop participant 

Your story woven amongst the leadership and team-focused concepts provided great illustrations of their importance. 

It kept us all engaged, on the edge of our seat.

Doug May

VP, Global Value Acceleration


That was the most motivating, inspirational workshop I have ever attended, I would recommend this to anyone, thank you for putting this together!! The documentary was also totally awesome.

Robert McNorris

Workshop participant

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the incredible session you gave to us this week. Your inspiring story and insights during the oceanic journey and your team challenges in extreme conditions, was the perfect puzzle piece for us of building our team strength and cohesiveness, which was one of our workshop goals.

Once again, a big thank you from all of us.

Liat Azulay

Division President


Reach out to learn more about scheduling this high impact workshop for your team or your entire organisation

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Your Facilitators

Natalia Cohen & Brian Formato

Will be your facilitators on this journey.

Both connected because of their deep love of the ocean and hope to help others be their best selves.

Natalia Cohen knows first-hand what it takes to chart a course and execute a plan as a team. In 2016 Natalia along with three other women were the first four person team to row across the Pacific Ocean from California to Australia. Their perilous nine-month journey set new records and showcased what a determined team can accomplish when they set clear goals, work well together and prepare for the unknown. During the workshop Natalia will share her experience and what it took to achieve this amazing feat.

Natalia is a motivational and keynote speaker who has a passion for pushing people to be their best.  She has spoken to corporate audiences around the globe, been featured as a TEDx speaker and on several podcasts.

Brian Formato has spent his 25-year career helping individuals and team to maximize performance. While he has not rowed an ocean, Brian runs an experiential leadership development program, LeaderSurf that leverages the ocean as a teaching tool. Brian teaches business executives how to surf and uses the surfing metaphor to encourage leaders to push outside their comfort zones.

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