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Vipassana Meditation

Travelling inside your mind on a Vipassana course
Vipassana is a Buddhist meditation technique that teaches you, through the framework of your own body how to observe and not to react instantly to things that happen around and to us. It’s a fascinating insight into the mechanics of your own mind and how we are conditioned to behave. During the 10 day silent retreat where the tools to living a happier life and learning about this simple yet clear Buddhist technique are taught, you have to surrender fully to the your personal ongoing, internal journey. There are no answers given – only by you experiencing the journey fully can you begin to understand how to work on re-conditioning the mind. 
Life is about understanding the law of nature, that everything changes, and by showing and feeling love and compassion to all beings including yourself. That is the ultimate goal of Vipassana. 

Mentally and physically, these 10 days were amongst the most challenging I have ever experienced. The silence is the easiest part – the sitting for 10 hours a day every day and slowing the mental chatter is the real challenge!
You have to be able to commit fully to those 10 days and you leave your phone, iPods, iPads, any reading and writing materials at the entrance and you are even encouraged to refrain from any personal yoga or other spiritual practices during this time. Men and women are separated, you have to wear loose fitting clothes and all outside distraction is minimised. 
It's a fascinating and different experience, that's for sure. 
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