• Natalia Cohen

What is adventure and what is important?

Sometimes I feel like I’m not being productive enough. 

Should I be planning another adventure? Should I be challenging myself, throwing myself out of my normal, my comfort zone and doing something that will make me grow and learn as a person?

That’s what excites me. 

That’s what motivates me. 

Then I stopped, reflected and realised I AM doing all of that.


I’m actually in the middle of A HUGE adventure right now and it’s possibly one of life’s most exciting journeys...the adventure of love!! ❤️ 

I tell you what - you can learn a LOT about yourself during this type of adventure.🤔🙈

So...here’s what I think. 

I believe everything can be an adventure! 

It’s really only a mindset and you can choose to apply that mindset to all experiences you have and choose to look at things in any way you want to.
It’s a choice we ALL have.
A power we all have access to and can harness. 

I’ve pretty much been single for most of the last 2 decades. I’ve had fun, had some short yet meaningful encounters, met some wonderful people, Tinder’ed and Bumble’d my way around the world and, to be honest, been so busy living a full and spontaneous life, that no lasting relationship would had fitted into the picture before anyway. 

I’ve thrived on challenge. I developed my career in the Travel Industry and then put my life’s learnings from those transformational travel experiences to the ultimate test by embarking on an extraordinary challenge - Rowing across the Pacific.

That journey truly reinforced what was important. 

Empathy, compassion, open and honest communication, self-belief, knowing your strengths, collaboration, not taking things for granted, celebrating small successes, being thankful and kindness.

These are what I have always believed we should concentrate our energy on. These are characteristics we have all had highlighted during these strange COVID-19 times and these are all elements necessary for a successful relationship (romantic, professional or otherwise).

Timing is everything. 🕰 .

So...here I am. Who would have thought? In lock down with someone significant and special. Fully immersed in a different type of adventure. A grand adventure. 

I’m still learning, growing, being challenged and thoroughly enjoying the journey and insights along the way!! ✨🙏🏼✨

Although we're still amidst chaos and challenge, I’d love to hear what your latest adventure is and what is important to you... 

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