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How do you deal with UNCERTAINTY...

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

It's been a truly bizarre few months dealing with the pandemic and its devastating consequences happening around the world, including job losses, mental health decline, companies going bankrupt, deaths and illness contrasting with uplifting, inspirational and collaborative endeavours.

I've spoken to some incredible people who have transitioned through unimaginable circumstances, yet moved through their hardships and challenges to come out the other side. They are now stronger, more empowered and want to rise up and share their experiences to help others. Everyone has a story to share.

I always remember being asked a really interesting question in one of my Q&A sessions that was: 

“You seem to choose to do experiences where you are forced to enter the unknown and do something you've never done before. Why do you think you are attracted to these type of challenges?”

At the time, the main experiences being referenced were The Pacific Row, the Jubilee River Swim (10km open water swim) and managing a safari lodge in Tanzania (being the only female and non-local in a team of 30).

It was a thought provoking question and made me stop and reflect on why this is.

My reason, I believe, is that I actually really relish and love the unknown and uncertainty. For me it’s this ‘unknown’ that represents so much possibility and opportunity. It’s about being out of your comfort zone and learning things about yourself that you didn’t know before. It’s about seeing what your mind makes of these unusual situations and experiences and it’s the chance to do something that you've never done and so you have no expectations attached.

Last year (before COVID-19 hit) I was immersing myself in a new challenge!

I discovered Acroyoga!

For me, this movement practice represents everything that I speak about and work closely with - Self belief, having trust in yourself and others and effective communication. There are amazing elements of play, mapping and tracking progress, collaboration, celebrating small success and perseverance thrown in there too.

I was instantly drawn to it! The unknown is always going to be filled with some element of fear – but the 'how you see fear' is what will make the difference to how you deal with the unknown.

How do YOU see uncertainty?

Does the fear stop you from doing and achieving things you’ve thought about for many months / years or does it make you excited to see what will happen when you challenge yourself? Does the fear stop you from even beginning or do you lean in and go for it anyway?

Which of the acronyms in the image resonates the strongest with you?

Fernando (our Galapagos shark who followed us for 2 weeks in leg 2 of the Pacific Row), meant different things to different team members.

For me, he helped me stay in the moment and appreciate what was happening around us. He actually filled me with joy when I caught a glimpse of him in the water and he became a big part of my day. For others, he caused an adrenalin rush and his presence was not welcomed.

So when fear comes your do you deal with it? Obviously I'm not talking about situations where your life is in actual danger and the psychological effect of fight or flight comes into play - I'm talking about those challenges and situations that stretch you and make you feel really uncomfortable - where you actually have the power to choose how you deal with them and your instinct is to run, ignore, put off or discount. 

Ultimately it's about dealing with this uncertainty and moving through it and that, for me, is a choice.

Find a way. Embrace it. Accept it then Rise to the challenge. 

What would you do today if you embraced all your uncertainty and just went for it? In fact...don't call it it WONDER...and have a wonder'filled week. ;) Natalia x

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