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Documentary Available 

LOSING SIGHT OF SHORE is the documentary by Sarah Moshman that was made about our oceanic odyssey and follows the extraordinary journey of four brave women known as the Coxless Crew that set out to row the Pacific Ocean from America to Australia unsupported. As they row over 8,000 miles during their nine months at sea, they face extreme mental and physical challenges they must overcome in order to go down in history. 

This is a story of perseverance, friendship and the power of the human spirit.

We are so proud to announce the global release of this documentary on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon!

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LOSING SIGHT OF SHORE has universal themes of teamwork, friendship, determination and resilience that are appropriate for ages 10 & up. The film also talks about breast cancer and the Pacifics we all have to cross in our lives.

Bring this film to your community for an event filled with adventure and inspiration!

The film is 92 minutes long and is available on DVD, Blu-Ray and DCP by special request.

Natalia is available to speak at your screening, conference, or event for an additional appearance fee plus travel.


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